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Best of the summer wine

David Williams

The wines at this Saturday's Wine Gang Summer Festival are not just for summer. 

Soave Revealed – A Quiet Revolution

Anthony Rose

A masterclass on Soave had many of us thinking that there's more to Soave than the old prejudices suggest thanks to the exploitation by this Venetian region's more forward-looking producers of its geographical diversity.

The Age of Albariño

Joanna Simon

If I’m really honest it wasn’t the prospect of the day’s tasting that got me out of bed at 4.20am to go to Spain for the day: it was lunch. 

The Bollinger Lunch

Jane Parkinson

Jane breaks her own wine trade lunch rules in the name of Champagne Bollinger.

Château Babel

Anthony Rose

Bordeaux is about to come out with en primeur prices for the 2016 vintage. What are the pros and cons of buying Bordeaux futures and should you take a punt on the 2016s? Anthony has an opinion on the subject.

Weird and wonderful grape varieties

Joanna Simon

“Some of the wines are available in the UK; others are so rare it is unlikely that you will be able to find much literature on them,” said the email from an MW. 


Jane Parkinson

*New wine klaxon* Jane checks out the latest addition to the famous Champagne house’s range…

Wine for eggs

David Williams

Easter eggs or chocolate eggs? I’m not about to get involved in that absurd dispute. I’ll leave that to our politicians, who clearly don’t have anything more pressing to worry about. I’m more concerned about what to drink with them on Sunday.

Of course a lot depends on the type of chocolate the eggs are made from. Sweet creamy white chocolate is a very different beast from the bitter high-cocoa content dark stuff, while milk sits somewhere between the two.

The Arts and Crafts of Wine

Anthony Rose

Are we overdosing on natural, real, authentic wines, call them what you will, or has the language of the artisan winemaker simply been appropriated by the the wine trade as a clever new marketing hook on which to hang its wines?  

Ten Years On: Bordeaux 2007

Joanna Simon

A tasting of the top red Bordeaux of 2007 prompts some idle speculation about how they might have turned out if the timing had been diffferent

Judging Germany

Jane Parkinson

From dentist to German judging, Jane engages in a day of enamel damage limitation.

Another side of California

David Williams

For a state that has a proud history of counter-cultural activity – from the Wild West and the Gold Rush to the beats and hippies and the wilder reaches of the new tech frontier – California has in wine terms always seemed to me to be a strangely conservative place.