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Eduardo Chadwick Maxes Out

Anthony Rose

Last week, Eduardo Chadwick, owner and president of Viña Errázuriz, became the first Chilean to be crowned Decanter Man of the Year.

White Beauty

Joanna Simon

When I first heard about a Sangiovese bianco, I didn’t even know if we were talking about a white mutation of the Sangiovese grape or a Blanc de Noirs

Veuve Clicquot 200th Rosé Anniversary Celebrations

Sam Caporn MW

The 200th Anniversary celebrations in Reims, to commemorate Madame Clicquots pioneering blending of rosé champagne, were nothing short of spectacular......

Sakura, Sake and Satisfaction

Anthony Rose

The cherry blossom (sakura) season is iunder way and with it much festive drinking of sake. This Q&A should put you in the mood for Japan's national drink which is now growing hugely in popularity.

A long awaited successor

Joanna Simon

A decade after the last Blanc des Millénaires was introduced, it's successor has finally been released

Iconic Dry White Bordeaux

Sam Caporn MW

An opportunity to taste through some iconic dry white Bordeaux from the likes of Château Margaux and Mouton was too good to pass up, but did the wines live up to their pedigree status?

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

Anthony Rose

Like the proverbial bad penny, St.Valentine’s Day is back, only it's going to cost us all quite a bit more than a penny if we succumb to the blandishments on offer from the purveyors of pink. So here is your survival guide, pink tongue only half in pink cheek.

Vermouth, Vermut, Vermú

Joanna Simon

Strictly speaking this isn’t a wine blog: Vermú/Vermut/Vermouth is an aromatised, fortified wine flavoured with herbs and spices (aka botanicals)… 

An Ode to Chardonnay

Sam Caporn MW

Whilst chardonnay might have its detractors, our newest Wine Gang member is smitten and waxes lyrical about this noble white grape.

High and Dry

Anthony Rose

Like it or loathe it, Dry January is a thing. The Twittersphere gives us plenty of food for thought on the subject, and wine, or not, to go with it.

The changing face of Txakoli

Joanna Simon

I dropped the idea of enthusing about Txakoli (or Chacolí) for my November blog on the grounds that only masochists would be looking for bracingly sharp, ultra-light white wines in those cold, dark, wintry days... 

Turkish night at Oklava

Jane Parkinson

Jane hosts a night where Turkish wines take the spotlight