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Pork, wine and Michelin stars

Joanna Simon

What to drink with pork. There was a time when pork was off the menu, but not anymore

Nooo, not *that* one...

Jane Parkinson

La La Land doesn't just exist in the world of Hollywood, remember...

Mouton Magic

Jane Parkinson

Jane dons her gladrags for a very special night out with Mouton-Rothschild.

Is Paraje the saviour of Cava?

Anthony Rose

The Consejo Regulador for Cava has come up with proposals for a major reappraisal of Cava’s image known as Cava de Paraje to do justice to its potential excellence and ‘to place cavas at the top of the quality wine pyramid’.

Credit where credit is due

Joanna Simon

New Zealand's Hawke's Bay producers are making stellar Chardonnay wines having learnt some useful lessons from their rivals across the Tasman Sea

Naming rights (and wrongs)

David Williams

Do English sparkling winemakers need a new collective name for their much-admired wines? Or should drinkers be left to decide?

You say Grenache, I say Garnacha (or Cannonau)

Anthony Rose

Grenache is best-known for its contribution to the heady reds of the Southern Rhône but it's surprising how important it is in many other wine regions, not least Sardinia and Priorat, where it goes under the aliases of Cannonau and Garnacha respectively. Pic: Scala Dei vineyards, Priorat.

Beaujolais: the comeback kid

Joanna Simon

The day I decided to show a Beaujolais-Villages to tasters on a Wine Walk at The Wine Gang's London Festival

Viva la revolución

David Williams

I’ve been in Chile and Argentina for the past week, checking out developments in two wine countries that are starting to make good on their huge potential.

Piemonte pleasures

Jane Parkinson

Ant and Jane take a selfless tour of Piemonte… at the height of truffle season


Anthony Rose

The true tale of a supermarket wine buyer - or is it?

Sweet dreams

Tom Cannavan

At the recent Wine Gang masterclass I was delighted to be able to present a 'vertical' tasting (same wine, multiple vintages) of eight examples of Sauterne's superstar wine, Château Suduiraut. With wines spanning 20 years, the audience loved it, exploring the nuanced differences between each vintage in terms of each wine's acidity, residual sugar, alcohol and oak balance, and of course the way the wines developed with age.