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An Ode to Chardonnay

Sam Caporn MW

Whilst chardonnay might have its detractors, our newest Wine Gang member is smitten and waxes lyrical about this noble white grape.

High and Dry

Anthony Rose

Like it or loathe it, Dry January is a thing. The Twittersphere gives us plenty of food for thought on the subject, and wine, or not, to go with it.

The changing face of Txakoli

Joanna Simon

I dropped the idea of enthusing about Txakoli (or Chacolí) for my November blog on the grounds that only masochists would be looking for bracingly sharp, ultra-light white wines in those cold, dark, wintry days... 

Turkish night at Oklava

Jane Parkinson

Jane hosts a night where Turkish wines take the spotlight

Palmas Perfection

Anthony Rose

Palmas, so named because of the hand-drawn ‘palm branch’ chalked on the best barrels, is a limited edition of four fino sherries from González Byass to represent the quintessence of fino. We look at the background and the current range.

Matching wine to goose

Joanna Simon

Goose has a reputation for being difficult to match to wine. I really don't think it is.

Knowing your Nebbiolo

Jane Parkinson

Last week London was treated to a new event in tasting calendar, Nebbiolo Day. Jane went to check it out.


The Hidden Costs of Champagne

Anthony Rose

Champagne is the ultimate drink of celebration but what is the region doing to meet the challenge of climate change and its responsibilities towards the environment?

It's in the balance

Joanna Simon

It's November, it's cold, it's dark. Let's talk about alcohol.

Vérité's new vintage

Jane Parkinson

Hailed as some of the best red wines in the world in previous vintages, the new vintage of celebrated Californian wine Vérité was unveiled in London last week. Jane was ready and poised. 

Keeping Up with The Jones

Anthony Rose

Once Katie Jones worked for the marketing arm of a wine co-operative in the hinterland of the Languedoc. Today, she's making an increasingly impressive array of wines from 12 hectares of her own vineyards. 

An evening with Le Top 100

Joanna Simon

What an evening we had last Thursday. The Wine Gang joined forces with Sud de France and the 50 wine lovers who’d snapped up the tickets to taste wines from the Top 100.