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Judging Germany

A long overdue trip to a new dentist last week concluded with a gentle lecture on exposing my teeth to (acidic) wine so often.

“It’s like the palest of Irish ladies road-testing sun tan lotion”, was his curious analogy, based on the regrettable fact I inherently have weak teeth.

While nodding at his advice patiently, I decided to spare him news of my appointment that immediately followed his – judging for this year’s Wines of Germany Top 50 where an ocean of high acid (and deliciously so!) Riesling awaited my delicate enamel. Oops.

Fate then, perhaps, that when I arrived at the judging venue I was deployed (mostly) to the Spätburgunder section Riesling where a vast number of Pinot Noirs awaited scrutiny and debate rather than Riesling.

Results are embargoed until 7th April but this much I can say, the Spätburgunders were impressive in general, particularly at the more affordable end of the spectrum, as in less than E10 a bottle. You might be surprised to hear this but the sad truth is that few of these wines can be found over here at the moment (we judged already- and yet to be-imported wines).

The afternoon judging strengthened my already-held opinion that we’re not seeing the best value Spätburgunders in the UK just yet, hopefully once the results of this year’s Top 50 come out, it might kick start a change...

I might even send my dentist a thank you bottle.